What we stand for


We believe that it is important to address the need within our communities. We want to support struggling families and individuals to know that there are people who care, and to demonstrate that care in a practical, immediate way. If you need food to feed yourself and your family, shoes for your children’s growing feet or a bed for them to sleep in, you need that help quickly and without jumping through bureaucratic hoops to get it.


We believe in practical compassion ‐ empathy needs to be backed by action. We actively explore solutions to hold out a helping hand to individuals and families who are experiencing tough times, and we show them that they have not been abandoned by the people around them, by providing them with concrete help to improve their lives.


We believe that children and families deserve the opportunity to do well in life, and that children who have a proper bed to sleep in, suitable clothes and shoes to wear, and a chance to participate in their school and community are more likely to do well at school and in life. Children and families who grow up in poverty miss out on things that most take for granted, and we want to do something about that, something that will lead to sustainable change.